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Welcome to my Blog.

A diagnosis of advanced cervical cancer meant I had to have a pelvic exenteration. This is my story of recovery.

My name is Nanette Irvine. Really, once you have recovered from the shock of being told you have cancer, it’s all about managing what comes next, whether it be chemo or radiotherapy or, as in my case, surgery. Sadly, for others, it can mean facing the end of their lives.

For me it was a pelvic exenteration. Whew! What a shock that was to hear.

Anyway this is my story about the beginning and my journey to date. I started writing this blog 12 weeks post op and am still very much in recovery phase. Thanks for joining me on my journey.

I believe in looking for the silver lining and having a laugh. No pity thanks. I’m so lucky to be here. My friends all tell me I’m strong and positive. My outlook has always been to be aware of how I’m thinking and look for the positive. I hope you will gain something from reading my story.

This story will be as much about the journey as self-awareness, mindful thinking and making choices about mindset.

So welcome and it’s great to have you along.



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